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New World Order

Business strategies that integrate the internet, direct marketing, and field sales are now the norm, and for those who haven’t conquered the challenge of intertwining brand, content and sales, it’s the executive suite talk. Advertisers have discovered that traditional talents and compensation systems aren’t the answer, and with agencies running to catch up, clients moved one step ahead and started hiring specialized expertise through independent marketing shops like Black Olive.



Black Olive is unusual and it’s worth your time to find out why. Our team members have already been on the podium to earn the DMA’s top award for Innovation in Direct Marketing, while simultaneously winning Addys and B2B marketing awards. Decades of experience have proven our expertise in multi-channel, relationship based marketing and emerging media.


Find out more about this independent studio specializing in integrated marketing campaigns that drive sales and sometimes change the world.

Driving Results through Focus


The marketing studio Black Olive was founded to encompass several different endeavors: strategic marketing/consulting, direct/integrated marketing, and social engagement. Black Olive, PittengerDirectsm and Engagesm, respectively represent the work that we do.


Each group delivers its services through different venues. Black Olive utilizes a cohesive, experienced and well-functioning virtual team to deliver marketing and technology services with a focus on integrated marketing, new media, strategy, and program management. PittengerDirectsm uses the award winning and experience proven direct marketing talent of Pittenger and integrated direct marketing specialists to deliver effective, innovative, enriched database marketing programs. Engagesm is involved in societal and global efforts.

These efforts are delivered through the independent agency model, and just as clients carefully select an agency, we carefully select our clients. We are in business to affect change through communication, effective strategies, and positive economics. This is accomplished by building client, customer, and vendor relationships of value.

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